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IRA Education

New Direction IRA prides itself in providing our clients with industry-best educational resources. We believe equipping account holders with comprehensive learning materials allows them to confidently make knowledgeable investment decisions for their retirement savings. Explore our various educational avenues below to become a self-directed IRA expert.

Upcoming Events

Events are a great way to learn more about self-directed IRA investing and become connected with investor communities. Learn about exciting upcoming events hosted by or featuring New Direction IRA.

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Video Library

Visit our comprehensive video library for interactive lessons and webinars about IRA account types, asset investing, and more.

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IRA Blogs & Articles

Get groundbreaking IRA news and read compelling self-directed IRA stories and reports in our blog and article feed. Authors include Bill Humphrey (Co-founder and CEO), Catherine Wynne (Co-founder and President), and Dylan Docker (Content Editor).

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Fraud Awareness

There are many resources that can help you avoid fraud when making an investment decision for your retirement funds. Read through our list of helpful resources and fraud-protection information here.

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Some IRAs and tax-advantaged plans make investments that incur a special tax. Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) is the name for the tax assessed on profits derived from certain assets of IRAs or other plans. Specifically, a tax is levied either on the debt-leveraged portion of the net income of an asset, or on an operating business within an IRA, qualified plan, or other tax-advantaged account. Learn more about UBIT here.

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Investing Guides

Download our various investing guides to make your investment process in real estate, precious metals, private lending, private equity, and more as effortless as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our most commonly asked questions about self-directed IRA investing answered here.

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