Easily Find Transactions and Efficiently Track Your Progress with New myDirection

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With self-directed IRAs moving into the future, it makes sense for our clients to be able to manage their retirement savings as easily as an online bank account. The new myDirection integrates industry-best technology so our clients can manage their accounts quicker and easier than ever.

One of the efficiency features of the new myDirection.com is the customizable transactions filter. This new function allows clients to organize their transactions based on asset or transaction types.

This means our clients can orgainze their transactions by real estate assets, precious metals assets, private equity, and more. Clients can easily search and find specific transactions and manage their retirement savings effortlessly.

In addition to transaction filtering, the new myDirection.com displays clients’ positions, balances, and transactions so they have the right information to make better investment decisions for their retirement. 

Learn more about the new myDirection, or login to the new myDirection now!

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