HSAs Continue to Grow in Popularity

More than 13.5 million Americans are enrolled in Health Savings Accounts as of January, 2013, according to an annual census released by America’s Health Insurance Plans.
Considering the economy, many small businesses are choosing HSAs to save on healthcare costs for employees and the company itself. Any healthcare change can be difficult, but many employees have discovered their HSAs can be as good as, or better than, their previous health care.

Many of the 13.5 million have discovered that they can use an HSA to save for future health expenses after they retire. Self-directed HSAs can provide a unique investment opportunity in the healthcare arena. Anyone with a self-directed HSA can invest the funds in real estateprecious metals, or many other investment alternatives. If the HSA holder has investment success, the funds will be tax-free to pay for qualified medical expenses.

HSAs can be used as an investment tool, or just as a savings account and tax break. Especially with the healthcare overhaul, HSAs will continue to provide many options for Americans in all tax brackets.

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