New Direction CEO Makes Waves with IRA Courses

If you are looking for continuing education courses that provide a clear and direct run down of investment options within a self-directed IRA, make it a priority to view Bill Humphrey and Bradley Burnett’s IRA related courses on These courses run the gamut for IRA related information – from insider knowledge about current IRA investing trends, to the ins-and-outs of Unrelated Business Income Tax – Humphrey and Burnett make IRA education smooth and simple, without skimping out on any important details.

Bill Humphrey is an experienced Certified Public Accountant who has specialized in tax-related property issues and forensic accounting over the past 20 years. He is the Co-founder and CEO of New Direction IRA, leading provider of investor education and administrative services for retirement accounts and HSAs for over 13 years.

Bradley Burnett, J.D., LL.M., is a practicing tax attorney in Denver, Colorado, with 32 years of tax practice experience. His practice emphasis is on tax planning and tax controversy resolution. Bradly has been the top rated and most requested instructor for the Kansas Society of CPAs annual tax conference.

Regarding how accessible and engaging these courses are for the average viewer, the proof is in the pudding: according to, each course was rated above the 90th percentile by reviewers. These ratings come as little surprise, considering New Direction IRA boasts an education-based business model that empowers clients to make knowledgeable decisions about their self-directed IRA investments. What’s more is Burnett and Humphrey can customize courses for any reader’s office, in addition to offering CPA and RE professional courses. You can find the CPA courses at

The ratings for the courses in terms of viewers who said they would recommend the course to others breaks down as follows: 269 out of 286 viewers recommend "Self-Directed IRAs: The Fastest Growing Segment of Retirement Investing", 117 out of 123 viewers recommend "Case Studies: What Self-Directed IRAs are Doing Now", 173 out of 178 viewers recommend "Unrelated Business Income Tax", and 116 out of 120 viewers recommend "Checkbook Control IRA: Handle with Care".
In order to view these courses, all interested persons will need a subscription, or need to pay per course through To take advantage of free educational resources, you and your clients can visit New today to access specialized material and informational videos about every type of IRA and IRA investment available through your self-directed IRA.

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