New Direction’s Retirement Fast Track Summit a Success

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On October 1, 2016, New Direction IRA hosted its inaugural Retirement Fast Track Summit. This focused course gave attendees the necessary information they needed to master self-directed IRA investing before noon.

New Direction’s Retirement Fast Track Summit was created to provide an educational course that was comprehensive yet respectful of participants’ time. New Direction developed a specific curriculum for the event that allowed participants to leave with the knowledge and confidence they need to strategically invest their IRA, HSA, or Individual 401(k) in alternative assets.

According to NDIRA’s Chief Business Development Officer, Clay Malcolm, “Many IRA education offerings charge hundreds of dollars and require a lengthy time commitment from attendees to receive the information that we streamlined for our summit participants in three hours.” Clay Malcolm is among the many IRA experts at New Direction IRA who teach continuing education classes about self-directed IRA investing across the country.

Attendees of the summit received everything from basic self-directed IRA information to answers to questions about very specific, personal investment strategies. As a testament to the summit’s success, 25% of attendees opened accounts on the spot, while 75% of attendees plan on opening account with New Direction. One attendee who is already an account holder with NDIRA attended to learn more about how to strategically invest their current IRA account money.

Visit New Direction’s education page to access a robust library of educational materials about IRA investing. To learn more about continuing education classes, feel free to call New Direction IRA today.

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