Refer a Friend and Save

New Direction IRA, Inc. (NDIRA), an IRA administrative services provider, will give you a $50 credit if you refer a friend to open an account. The new account holder will get a $10 discount on the application fee.

NDIRA is a self-directed IRA provider that lets investors take control of their retirement funds. With an NDIRA account, you can invest your IRA in real estate, precious metals, private equity and more alternative assets.

Most IRA providers will choose your investments for you, or will require you to pick investments that the company has pre-determined. Typically, these investments are limited to publicly traded securities like stocks, bonds and mutual funds. However, an SDIRA puts the power back in your hands by enabling you to invest in what you know and trust.

NDIRA clients continue to do business  as well as  refer their friends and family because we are the best in the industry. We have unique technology that makes everything from buying property to collecting rent to exchanging gold assets for silver assets a breeze. 

In the last year, NDIRA grew its client base more than 15 percent. That increase is largely because of the NDIRA’s innovation. By listening to investors, financial advisors and industry professionals, NDIRA has developed a service model of great technology and exceptional customer service that meets the unique needs of every partner.

Call us at NDIRA today to get started with alternative asset investing with self-directed IRAs. Whether your goal is to have a real estate IRA, gold IRA, health savings account (HSA) or anything in between, NDIRA can help.

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