Self Directed IRA Fees

According to a recent Lipper analysis, a typical American household with $120,000 in mutual fund assets pays nearly $1,000 in ongoing fees every year—regardless of whether or not they actively trade with the accounts.

What’s more troubling is that another investigation, this time by CNBC in January, found that most investors don’t even know that these fees are being assessed on their accounts. Even though regulators have tried to pull fee schedules out of the dark at investment houses, many Americans are unaware of what they’re being charged and why they’re being charged it.

At New Direction IRA, we disclose fees up front so that investors can compare and calculate net return. This transparency is important because it establishes trust between the provider and the investor.

We base our fees on service provided, in this case bookkeeping associated with a self-directed IRA account. Our fees aren’t based on arbitrary or hidden expenses, so you know exactly what you’re paying for. 

We do not have commissioned sales people nor do we derive any profits from your IRA. The service we provide is exceptional based on its own merits and not contingent on the performance of your accounts.

Perhaps best of all is that NDIRA will provide you a Client Representative to service your individual account. You can contact them at your convenience if you ever have any questions about fees or investments. 

Unlike most other self-directed IRA providers, we have an online client portal that you can access 24/7 to view any fees you are due to pay. And you can pay those bills immediately online.

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