The Best Self Directed IRA Account Access Portal Has Arrived!

At New Direction IRA, we have launched another cutting edge technology feature for our account holders! 
Historically, self-directed IRA providers have been a little behind the times in terms of adopting technological conveniences for their account holders.  This could be due to any number of factors, but the result is that in a world of depositing checks via a picture on a phone and eSignatures, SDIRA account holders were sometimes still filling out paper forms and submitting them to make a payment from their account.

Over the last two years, New Direction IRA has led the self-directed IRA industry in improving account technology.  Not only have we created myDirection which is a proprietary account access portal, but we have also introduced an entirely online application, implemented online transactions for precious metals, and given account holders the ability to pay IRA real estate expenses online and for FREE.

Our newest features are also free.  At NDIRA, if your account (IRA, HSA, or Individual 401(k)) owns rental real estate, your tenants can now pay their rent via eCheck.  This same technology also allows borrowers to make note payments to an IRA electronically.  It’s convenient and safe for the tenants or borrowers and efficient for the account holder.   When a payment is submitted through this secure system, the account holder receives an email notification that the payment was made and their myDirection account information is updated.

And this is not the end of the line of electronic improvements coming to New Direction IRA account holders.  Check this blog or our website for updates on more new account technologies.

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