Top 5 Alternative Assets for Self-Directed IRAs

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From the top 5 fittest states to the top 5 best brunch spots, a top 5 list is an excellent way to navigate a sea of options and find choices that have been hand-picked by experts. New Direction has crafted a top 5 alternative investments list for our self-directed IRA and HSA account owners.  From real estate to private stock, these options rank as the 5 most popular investments with our clients.

1) Real Estate
Investing retirement money in real estate can take many different forms. Your IRA can buy a rental property, where all rent is paid back into the IRA. You can invest in a crowdfunding venture to purchase a portion of a commercial real estate with your IRA. You can even use your IRA to buy your dream home, which you can move into after you retire. If you're taken by wanderlust, you can use your retirement account to purchase property overseas - your options are nearly limitless.

2) Land
With a rising global population, land is becoming a precious commodity. Your IRA can secure an investment in raw land and enjoy the tax-advantaged benefits that accompany your account type as time goes on. Raw land can be purchased and held until the time is right to sell or build. Land bought with an IRA can be purchased and leased for farm land, development, or for oil or cell towers. 
3) Gold & Other Precious Metals
 Your IRA can purchase gold coins, gold bars, and electronic shares of gold. Buy now and sell when the time is right, and you won't have to worry about paying for long-term storage. 

4) Loan
Your IRA can provide loans for friends, businesses, or your favorite non-profit associations. If someone you know is paying 20% interest on a credit card, your IRA can loan them the money for 15%. As long as a person is not a direct lineal descendent (or yourself), your IRA can loan them money. You can invest in the causes and people that you believe in - all while enjoying tax benefits!
5) Private Stock
Find the next Microsoft, Apple, or Uber ahead of the crowd, and your IRA can buy shares in the company before they go public. Whether it be nanotechnology, biotechnology, or your next door neighbor’s fledgling cookie business, your IRA can get in before the rest of the world knows the true value of the start-up company you've discovered.

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