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Self-Directed IRA Fraud Protection

There are many resources that help you avoid fraud when making an investment decision.

The Securities and Exchange Commission - Avoiding fraud, 800 732 0330

Investor Alert: Self-directed IRAs and the risk of fraud

Ponzi schemes using virtual currencies

Beware investment offers implying SEC endorsement

The SEC complaint center


NASAA - Informed investor advisory:
Private Placement Offerings


NASAA - Small business advisory:


NASAA - Are you an informed investor?
Energy Investments


NASAA - The North American Securities Administrators’ Association, 202 737 0900

AARP - American Association of Retired Persons, 888 687 2277

FINRA - The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, 301 590 6500

Protecting yourself from investment scams

Tips for addressing your investment fears

Any investment you make carries a certain degree of risk. Savvy investors know that putting in the time to properly evaluate a potential investment can help you understand what to look out for and how to minimize that risk. Perhaps you are just entering the world of self-directed IRA investing, or maybe you are a seasoned veteran looking for new ways to analyze an investment. This is a presentation that investors of any level will appreciate as we explore some of the techniques used to manage and mitigate risk.

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