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Real Estate

Using an IRA to invest in real estate provides the opportunity to generate income from rent, appreciation, fixing and flipping, and more. Your self-directed IRA can purchase any type of property such as residential and commercial real estate, raw land, agricultural property, and more.

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Precious Metals

Investing in gold, silver, platinum, or palladium in your self-directed IRA is one way to diversify your retirement portfolio. Not all IRA providers allow their clients to possess a gold IRA account; however, New Direction empowers our clients to invest in the asset markets that they know and understand.

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Private Lending

You can become your own investment bank using IRA or 401k funds! Private lending can be a safe and potentially high-yielding strategy as well as a great diversification tool. Learn important factors like partnership options, note security, and lending procedures.

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Private Equity

Investors should know there are many opportunities outside of the stock market that can help diversify your retirement holdings. From start-ups launching a new business to developed companies looking to finance their growth, retirement accounts are becoming a significant source of funding for these types of investments.

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Checkbook IRA

Are you looking for more control and flexibility over your retirement funds? The Checkbook IRA may be a solution.

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Other Investments

Alternative assets lie outside of the stock market and bring balance and diversity to your retirement portfolio. Invest in a market that is familiar to you. Put your knowledge and experience to work for the benefit of your IRA’s growth.

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